It’s just about time to settle into a gripping new season of Netflix’s “Narcos.”

After nearly a year of waiting, the streaming giant is bringing the show back with 10 new episodes. “Narcos” is set to return to Netflix on Friday, September 2, according to A.V. Club. The publication suggests that the show will pick up quickly and continue the fast pace throughout. Every episode of the original series will be available for streaming starting at midnight.

In the final episode of “Narcos,” DEA agents Murphy (Boyd Holbrook) and Peña (Pedro Pascal) go public with photos they’ve procured of Pablo Escobar’s (Wagner Moura) living quarters in prison. The public is outraged about how the drug kingpin is being treated behind bars, as well as the fact that two men were killed in the facility. While this may seem like the opposite of what Murphy and Peña were trying to accomplish, everything is going according to their plan. The police are forced to take a deeper look into the killings. Meanwhile, the DEA agents are suspended for leaking the photos, forcing them to look on as the police attempt to peg Escobar. The plot thickens as the two men return to their homes. Murphy is kidnapped by a group of men fans assume are team Escobar — but is that really the case? Peña is informed by Murphy’s wife Connie (Joanna Christie) and both brace for the worst. Rather than hit the panic button, Peña decides to set out in search of his partner.

In addition to having the authorities hot on his trail, Escobar has just received some less than exciting news. He opens the newspaper to find Moncada (Christina Tappán) and Galeano (Orlando Valenzuela) on the front cover. He’s worried, but is certain that he’s covered his tracks. Soon after the military is sent to the prison to take Escobar into their custody. Gaviria (Raúl Méndez) devises a plan to have them lie and say they’ve received intel that his life's in danger. Military personnel will move him to another prison while the government renovates the one he’s in. The orders get lost in translation and the plan quickly disassembles.

Sandoval (Manolo Cardona), the Minister of Justice, arrives at the prison to find Gaviria’s men stationed outside. He decides the best way to get things done is to just handle it himself — but is he safe? He assures them that he’ll be OK and that even Escobar would not be dumb enough to kill someone in such a high position. He enters the prison and learns that he’s become something of a hostage. Gaviria orders the military to enter the prison and end the situation however they deem necessary.

As this unfolds, Peña continues trying to track down Murphy. He looks to contacts he’s amassed in the CIA, as well as civilians, but is having no luck. He finally turns to the authorities and learns that Murphy is alive and well. He was taken by Pancho and the Cali cartel, who wanted to talk to him and gather information about a previous crime.

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Tune in to the action-packed second season of “Narcos” on Netflix, Friday, September 2.