A UFO expert claims to have spotted various alien structures on the Moon such as buildings and tunnels in one of NASA’s archive videos about the Apollo 15 mission. According to the UFO expert, many of the strange structures were located near the landing site of the lunar expedition.

Scott Waring of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base came across the video after it was sent to him by his YouTube channel subscriber Pacitto Dominique. The video is an old documentary film NASA made about the Apollo 15 mission. The full version of the video is currently available through the European Space Agency’s website.

Apollo 15 was NASA’s ninth mission in the Apollo program and the fourth expedition to the Moon. It also served as the first mission to use the Lunar Roving Vehicle. It was officially launched on July 26, 1971.

The NASA video, which is about 26 minutes long, features various aspects of the mission. In one particular section of the documentary, a group of NASA engineers and scientists can be seen working inside a room and going over pictures of the Moon. According to Waring, various alien structures can be seen in the photos.

One of the structures that Waring pointed out appears to have straight walls and a geometric shape. The UFO expert said the structure appears to have big open spaces inside its walls. In the same photo, Waring also noticed a long elongated structure on the ground. After tweaking the quality of the photo and changing its colors to get a better view of the object, Waring speculated that it could be a tunnel that was built by aliens.

Other clips from the video show footages taken from the Apollo 15 spacecraft as it hovered over the surface of the Moon. In some of these clips, Waring saw strange structures including one that appears to be a face on the ground.

In the original video, the narrator noted that the engineers and scientists have been working for hours because they were very excited about their task. Waring speculated that the reason why they were excited was possibly because they were looking at photos of alien buildings on the Moon.

Astronaut David Scott sits in the lunar roving vehicle during the Apollo 15 mission in 1971. NASA