A UFO expert claimed to have spotted a massive alien base capable of housing an entire fleet on Jupiter’s moon Europa. The expert came across the image of the alien base after going through a NASA photo.

The latest claim regarding the existence of a huge alien structure on one of Jupiter’s moons was made by Scott Waring of ET Data Base. According to Waring, he made the discovery while exploring the website WorldWideTelescope.org.

The site features interactive maps and images of cosmic bodies taken by satellites and space telescopes. Many of the images featured on the site were taken by NASA through its various satellite and space telescope missions such as Chandra and Spitzer.

While looking at the moon Europa, which is one of the smallest Galilean moons of Jupiter, Waring came across a dark spot on its surface. After zooming in on the photo, he noticed that the spot was an object that had a very geometrical shape. Waring also noticed various large openings near the center of the object. He assumed that these were the docking bays for alien vessels.

By comparing the object with other features on Europa, Waring estimated that the alleged alien base was about 20 miles long. Given its massive size, it’s certainly capable of hosting an entire fleet of alien vessels.

As Waring pointed out, Europa is only one of the 79 moons that are orbiting Jupiter. If there’s an alien base on Europa, Waring believes there’s a chance that similar structures also exist on Jupiter’s other moons.

“I found this fascinating black structure on the moon Europa,” he wrote in a blog post. “Jupiter actually has 79 known moons, so if this one has alien bases, then you can count on the others having them too.”

In addition to the alien base on Europa, Waring said he also spotted other structure-like objects on the surface of the moon. Unfortunately, he was not able to get a closer look at these objects because the images were not clear. Waring accused NASA of intentionally blurring the images to hide the objects from the public.

Europa is an icy moon of Jupiter. NASA/JPL