A UFO expert claimed that an archive video from NASA showed several alien drones flying over an Apollo Lunar Module as it took off from the Moon. The expert speculated that the footage came from NASA’s Apollo 10 mission.

The video from the mission was uncovered by Scott Waring, the owner of the UFO-focused blog ET Data Base. According to Waring, he came across the footage while going through NASA’s website. Unfortunately, he refused to provide the link for the original video because he was afraid NASA might take it down.

Instead, Waring copied the video and shared it on YouTube. It showed a lunar module from NASA as it prepared to take off from the Moon’s surface. As the module lifted off from the ground, a strange object appeared over it. Based on its appearance, the object had a geometrical shape with a mechanical exterior. Waring estimated that the object was about a meter long.

Smaller objects can also be seen flying around the module as it hovers away. Due to the size of the objects, Waring claimed that they could be drones. It is possible that they approached the module in order to investigate it.

“This video was taken of the lunar module taking off from the Moon,” Waring wrote in a blog post. “As it did the camera recorded a UFO about 1 meter in size shot over the module, but got caught on camera.”

“The drone UFO looks to be all-metal construction, but has some areas that are whitish which I assume are clear areas for scanners to shoot through,” he added.

At first, Waring was unclear which Apollo mission the video was from. After a few clarifications, he noted that it was from the Apollo 10 mission. One of the YouTube users who commented on Waring’s video said that the clip showed the ascent stage of the Apollo Lunar Module.

The Apollo 10 mission was officially launched on May 18, 1969. It was considered by NASA as a “dress rehearsal” for Apollo 11’s successful Moon landing, which was completed about two months after Apollo 10.

Apollo 10
The Apollo 10 Command and Service Modules (CSM) are photographed from the Lunar Module (LM) after CSM/LM separation in lunar orbit. The CSM was about 175 statute miles east of Smyth's Sea and was above the rough terrain which is typical of the lunar far side. The eastward oblique view of the lunar surface is centered near 105 degrees east longitude and 1 degree north latitude. The horizon is approximately 600 kilometers (374 statute miles) away. Numerous bright craters and the absence of shadows show that the sun was almost directly overhead when this photograph was taken. NASA/JSC