A UFO expert claimed that NASA’s International Space Station (ISS) initiated a “contact and capture” command in response to an approaching mysterious object. The expert speculated that the ISS apprehended the UFO in order to examine it.

Footage of the incident was recorded and shared by a YouTube user from Asia. In the video, a tube-shaped object with strange markings can be seen approaching the station. The clip was only 15 seconds long but the crew members of the facility can be heard in the background as they prepared to engage the mysterious object. One of them can be heard saying the phrase “contact and capture” right before the video ends.

Through his blog ET Data Base, self-proclaimed UFO expert Scott Waring pointed out that the object doesn’t appear to be a satellite since it doesn’t have solar panels protruding from its sides. If the object was a satellite or any man-made spacecraft, NASA would have released a statement detailing its retrieval by the crew of the ISS.

Waring speculated that the object could be an abandoned alien spacecraft that was left floating in space. If it was taken aboard the ISS, then the crew members would have most likely examined it to study its origin and nature.

This marked the latest incident involving NASA’s flagship station and a UFO. Earlier in May, UFO enthusiasts claimed they spotted an alien spacecraft flying near the ISS. Image of the alleged UFO was captured through the station’s live feed.

The object that was spotted was shaped like a disk and appeared to be pulsating. Its colors seemed to change as it moved away from the station.

Another incident occurred on March 29 during the spacewalk of astronauts Christina Koch and Nick Hague outside the ISS. During the live broadcast of the spacewalk, a UFO allegedly appeared on the right side of the screen.

According to The Sun, footage of the spacewalk appeared stable until the mysterious object appeared. NASA then cut short the live feed, prompting UFO enthusiasts to speculate that the space agency was deliberately covering up the existence of extraterrestrial life.