“Nashville” Season 4 might bring more luck to Luke Wheeler’s love life. The country superstar (Will Chase) had a rough year in Season 3. After his messy breakup with Rayna (Connie Britton), he almost had a romance with Sadie (Laura Benanti) and then had a short-lived fling Jade (Christina Aguilera). After playing the field, Luke might settle down in Season 4 with a new character.

Luke hires an image consultant for Will (Chris Carmack) after he publically came out. However, Luke might not get along with the professional right away. “Luke is more likely to go with his own instincts rather than listen to advice, which puts him at odds with the consultant almost immediately when the data that she collects seem less than promising,” TV Guide reports. “In the midst of her and Luke butting heads, though, it seems like sparks may start to fly between them as well.”

Last month, TVLine reported that Will’s new consultant, named Gabriella, won’t be the most positive person. Though she and Luke are accepting of Will’s sexuality, she has to force them to realize that the whole country isn’t. “She serves as a giant reality check: Country-music fans may not support Will now that they know he’s gay,” the report says.

Gabriella is just one of several options Luke has in terms of possible girlfriends. Sadie and Jade were both written off with open endings. Showrunner Dee Johnson teased that Aguilera could possibly come back to play Jade in Season 4, but Luke definitely wouldn’t be single for long, even if his past love didn’t return.

“The door is also left open for Jade, should she decide to pop back into this world,” Johnson told the Hollywood Reporter in May. “But we haven’t talked enough about whether or not there's a specific love interest beyond that. I'm sure he'll have one. How could he not?”

Gabriella won't be the only new character. As previously reported, Riley Smith will join the cast as Markus Kane, Rayna's newest artist.

“Nashville” Season 4 premieres Wednesday, Sept. 23 at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC. Are you excited for Luke’s new love or would you rather the show bring back one of his exes? Sound off in the comments section below!