National Absinthe Day is marked on March 5 annually to raise awareness and celebrate the strong alcoholic drink also known as "The Green Fairy."

According to Healthline, absinthe is a combination of spirits and herbs, mainly fennel, anise, and a type of wormwood called Artemisia absinthium. The drink is very potent, and it was earlier believed its consumption causes side effects including convulsions, hallucinations, mental deterioration and psychosis, which is why several countries banned the drink.

“Absinthe became a victim of its own popularity when the French wine industry and temperance movement targeted a common scapegoat to promote their respective agendas,” one of the world’s leading absinthe experts, Ted Breaux, told

Here are some quotes, courtesy AZQuotes, to share today:

1. "A glass of absinthe is as poetical as anything in the world. What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?" – Oscar Wilde

2. "I sit at my door, smoking a cigarette and sipping my absinthe, and I enjoy every day without a care in the world." – Paul Gauguin

3. "I understand that absinthe makes the tart grow fonder." – Ernest Dowson

4. "Right now, Im very healthy. I have no vices left. Except sugary breakfast cereal. And absinthe, of course." – Johnny Galecki

5. "Let me be mad, then, by all means! mad with the madness of Absinthe, the wildest, most luxurious madness in the world! Vive la folie! Vive l'amour! Vive l'animalisme! Vive le Diable! – Marie Corelli

Bottles of absinthe sit on a shelf for sale at the Absinth Depot shop on March 15, 2013 in Berlin, Germany. Getty Images/ Adam Berry