National Barbie Day is celebrated every year on March 9 to honor the iconic toy that was launched on the same date in 1959 at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

Barbie, whose full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts, was created by Ruth Handler. In 1961, Mattel Inc. introduced Barbie’s boyfriend Ken Carson. Here are some quotes, courtesy azquotes, to share on this day with the people who love and collect the toys:

1. "Barbie always represented the fact that a woman has choices." – Ruth Handler

2. "I enjoy getting dressed as a Barbie doll." – Vanna White

3. "Barbie is my role model. She might not do anything, but she looks good doing it." – Paris Hilton

4. "Barbie has always been an inspiration. Dressing her was part of ever girl's dream." – Reem Acra

5. "We Barbie dolls are not supposed to behave the way I do." – Sharon Stone

6. "If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?" – Steven Wright

7. "Growing up, my dolls were doctors and on secret missions. I had Barbie Goes Rambo." – Zoe Saldana

8. "Stand-up was like being on a Barbie townhouse stage." – Mario Cantone

9. "When I was really young. My sister and I would create different characters with our Barbie dolls - I'd be the crazy diva Barbie and she'd be the homeless Barbie." – Jordana Brewster

10. "I think they should have a Barbie with a buzz cut." – Ellen DeGeneres

Barbie dolls inside a showroom at a Mattel office in Hong Kong Reuters/ Bobby Yip