A 2017 photo of Barbie has resurfaced on Twitter featuring herself and fashion blogger Aimee Song standing next to each other wearing “Love Wins” shirts, and the internet is wondering if Barbie has a girlfriend.

Many Twitter users are ecstatic about the news of Barbie potentially being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and they aren’t accepting any other explanations for the photo that was recently reposted by Mattel.

When the photo was first posted in 2017, VT Entertainment announced that Mattel had given her a girlfriend. While Mattel never officially announced Barbie’s coming out, it did post the famous photo on its Instagram before it deleted all photos before 2020, according to VT.

While many have grown up with Barbie and Ken falling in love and being the ultimate item, the two actually broke up in 2004, according to Fox News and other news outlets. They dated for 43 years.

While Mattel has not confirmed or denied the relationship, many netizens are going on the notion that Barbie does have a girlfriend and that’s the end of the story.

With more acceptance of same-sex relationships and marriages in the present day, some believe this development has emerged at the perfect time.

A few news outlets have burst the internet’s bubble by announcing that Barbie isn’t in fact a lesbian. HITC, Newsweek and PinkNews have all explained that while she doesn’t have a girlfriend, she does support the community.

“Barbie, unfortunately, doesn’t have a girlfriend. The other doll in the picture is in fact a doll version of popular fashion blogger Song of Style, Aimee Song, who created the t-shirts that the Barbie Instagram was promoting,” HITC reported.

Barbie shows her support for LGBTQ rights with the new Aimee Song doll as they're both pictured wearing a "Love Wins" t-shirt on November 22, 2017. Barbie/Instagram