It’s time to crack open a cold one. Beer lovers around the world rejoice because April 7 might be one of your favorite days of the year.

In honor of National Beer Day, here’s a collection of some of the latest and greatest homebrew recipes to keep you busy and properly buzzed while quarantined.


Espresso Brew

For those who are combined beer drinkers and coffee lovers, this American Homebrewers Association recipe is for you. It even has a hint of chocolate flavor as it calls for eight ounces of chocolate malt. The American Homebrewers Association says it’s the “perfect pick-me-up.”

American Pale Ale

What better way to celebrate national beer day than with an all-American brew recipe? This mix from Tony Babinec calls for dry hopping and recommends that you begin sooner rather than later for additional flavoring.

A Wee Spot of Malt: Scottish Strong Ale

This beer is anything but “wee.” Mimicked after the Scottish-style of brewing, this drink from Craft Beer and Brewing balances flavors to allow the malt “to take center stage,” and will fill your home with a nutty flavor while the malt is toasting in the oven. It claims to be a rich drink without being too sweet.


Samuel Adams Boston Lager Clone

Fans of Samuel Adams beer might want to give this one a try. The all-grain recipe has reviewers saying it tastes similar to the real thing.

Start It Up! Dry-hopped Lager

This lighter lager recipe comes straight out of Colorado from Taylor Caron, the manager of homebrew supply store Hops & Berries. The recipe recommends using White Labs WLP860 Munich Helles yeast but warns that whatever yeast chosen will be needed in bulk.

Mom & Pop’s Wet Hops Lager Recipe

This recipe from Jack’s Abby in Framingham, Massachusetts, is easier than some of the others because it urges brewers to use local ingredients they can easily access. It also doesn’t require any complicated steps, but does promise a “truly unique flavor.”

Seasonal Recipes

Lemon Zest Farmhouse Ale

What else screams sunny-weathered seasons than a lemony beer? This Craft Beer and Brewing recipe gives the beverage a fruity, earthy flavor and encourages others to experiment, possibly opting for orange instead of lemon.

Easy Amber Ale

For those wishing for a return to the classic, this amber ale recipe combines the best of many flavors. The ingredients call for both extracts and specialty grains and the result is a malty flavor with a “prominent hop character.”

Mango Maya Milkshake IPA

For those liking beers with a bit of a fruitier side, this IPA is a crowd-pleaser according to the American Homebrewers Association. The recipe boasts of appealing to even those who don’t typically enjoy beers because of the combination of coconut, mango and vanilla.

The Guinness brewery in Baltimore imports its iconic stout to serve, but in-house it produces a variety of more experimental beers
The Guinness brewery in Baltimore imports its iconic stout to serve, but in-house it produces a variety of more experimental beers AFP / Sébastien DUVAL