Whether it's a fizzy carbonated drink, milk, chilled beer or a cup of coffee, a beverage is something we can’t imagine life without.

Beverages come in many tastes. The sweet, sour, bitter, smooth or creamy delights effectively relieve stress and when paired with the right food, they make even regular dishes so much more interesting.

They have become an indispensable part of the world of gastronomy, typically for adding value to any celebration regardless of the climate. Hence, National Beverage Day is celebrated every May 6 to encourage people to sit back, relax and cool off with a glass or cup of their favorite drink in hand.

While some prefer having the same drink over and over, there are those who are adventurous enough to always try something new. If you are one of these daring folks, why don't you try choosing a drink based on your zodiac sign? It's a great way to celebrate this year's National Beverage Day.

Read on to find out which particular drink is suitable for every zodiac sign.

Aries: Tequila Sunrise

The personality traits of the fiery and cheerful Aries translate to the drink whose aesthetic appeal stems from an amalgam of vibrant flavors.

Taurus: Iced Americano

Taurus is synonymous with luxury. No wonder their go-to drink is the oh-so-classy iced Americano, which proves to be refreshing as the caffeine content jolts them awake from their midday slump.

Gemini: Gin and Tonic

The social butterfly Gemini would safely choose this drink with a strong alcoholic base to jazz up their evenings since this highball beverage effortlessly represents their energetic nature.

Cancer: Nutella Hot Chocolate

Cancers have an explosion of emotions inside of them, so a dark yet comforting drink like the Nutella hot chocolate certainly mirrors their psyche.

Leo: Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate

The dominating, passionate and dramatic Leo’s befitting drink is a cup of pumpkin spice hot chocolate made with white chocolate chips and orange zest.

Virgo: Cognac

Virgo’s detail-oriented, hard-working and perfectionist self can find comfort in this delightful variant of white wine.

Libra: Honey Cinnamon Milk

This sweet and comforting drink perfectly matches the vibe of the laid-back yet interesting Libra.

Scorpio: Margarita

The determined Scorpio needs this trippy cocktail to gain enough energy for crushing their goals.

Sagittarius: Long Island Iced Tea

The dreamy-eyed Sagittarius will love this exotic drink to bits and the adventure that follows after downing this cocktail.

Capricorn: Dry Martini

The straightforward and ambitious Capricorn will need this drink to always keep them on the edge.

Aquarius: Absinthe

The unique and mysterious drink matches the personality of the emotionally unavailable and minimalistic Aquarius.

Pisces: Red Wine

Wine resonates with the personality of the deeply emotional and empathetic Pisces. The intelligent Pisceans swear by wines because they are effortless mood-lifters.

wine glass
A wine glass and wine is pictured. AFP / Mladen ANTONOV