Celebrating holidays is a lot of fun. It is also the best way to spend time with near and dear ones. The month of October is filled with many such occasions. Here is a list of unofficial holidays to celebrate in the month of October.

National Boyfriend Day (Oct. 3) – The day gives girlfriends an opportunity to spend quality time with their boyfriends and let him know how much they mean to them.

National Golf Lovers Day (Oct. 4) – Golf lovers spend this day by taking a golf lesson and competing in a tournament.

National Vodka Day (Oct. 4) – The day is celebrated to recognize the widely-consumed spirit.

National Do Something Nice Day (Oct. 5) – This day is celebrated by performing an act of kindness.

National Child Health Day (Oct. 5) – On this day, awareness is spread about the care and guidance that children need in order to be healthy.

National Coaches Day (Oct. 6) – On this day, activities and ceremonies are held to honor coaches.

National Coming Out Day (Oct. 12) – It is celebrated annually to support LGBT people to come out of the closet.

National Savings Day (Oct. 12) – The day gives people an opportunity to think about saving habits.

National Farmers Day (Oct. 12) – This day is celebrated to acknowledge the hardwork of farmers.

Sweetest Day (Oct. 17) – On this day, people share romantic expressions, and acts of charity and kindness.

National New Friends Day (Oct. 19) – This day is celebrated annually to make room for new friends in your life.

National Reptile Awareness Day (Oct. 21) – It is celebrated to promote education and conservation of reptiles.

National Art Day (Oct. 25) – On this day, artists and their contributions are honored.

​National I Care About You Day (Oct. 25) – This day is celebrated by talking to and spending time with people who we care about.

National Pit Bull Awareness Day (Oct. 26) – On this day, positive attention is brought to the breed.

National Black Cat Day (Oct. 27) – This is a celebration of the beauty of cats in darker shades.

National Chocolate Day (Oct. 28) – This day is celebrated to recognize one of the favorite tastes of people around the world.

National Cat Day (Oct. 29) – This day is celebrated to raise awareness about cat adoption.

The Jeddah Royal Greens Golf and Country Club will stage the March 19-22 tournament in Saudi Arabia
National Golf Lovers Day is an unofficial holiday in October AFP / SVEN NACKSTRAND