National Oreo Day is celebrated every March 6. In celebration of the world's bestselling cookie, here are 12 facts you probably didn't know about Oreos:

1. It went by many names
The "Oreo Biscuit" was renamed the "Oreo Sandwich" in 1921 only to be renamed again in 1948 as the "Oreo Crème Sandwich." But it doesn't stop there, as the snack underwent another name change in 1974, making it "Oreo Chocolate Sandwich Cookies," the name that is still used today.

2. It had another flavor
When Oreo cookies were first released, there were two flavors to choose: Original and Lemon Meringue. Not surprisingly, the original flavor dominated the markets, which prompted the brand to eventually drop lemon meringue in the 1920s.

3. Oreos can be found almost all over the world
The world's bestselling cookie can be found in over 100 countries, according to Love Food. The biggest markets of the tasty snack include the U.S., the U.K., China, Indonesia, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, India and Germany.

4. Its birthday is on March 6, 1912
This is why we celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day today! Oreos were first manufactured at the Nabisco factory in New York City.

5. It takes about an hour to make one Oreo cookie
Each Oreo cookie is baked for exactly 290.6 seconds at a specific temperature of 400°F from above and 300°F from below. Talk about details!

6. They're considered addictive
A study in 2013 suggests that the fats and sugars present in an Oreo cookie are just as addictive as psychoactive drugs, including cocaine. Better watch out!

7. Each cookie contains 90 ridges
To add to the mounting evidence of how meticulous the brand is on detail, each Oreo is made with exactly 90 ridges, 12 flowers, 12 dashes, and 12 dots, says Spoon University.

8. Oreo cookies could circle the world 381 times
If placed end to end along the equator, these classic cookies would be able to circle the globe over 300 times. A tower of Oreos could also reach the moon and back at least five times, not considering scientific limitations!

9. Green Tea Oreos exist
If you're heading over to China, then you might as well get a taste of green tea ice cream-flavored Oreos -- a crowd favorite in the country. Other available flavors include Oreo Double-Fruit in Orange/Mango, Raspberry/Blueberry, and Peach/Grape combinations.

10. 450 billion Oreos have been sold
Since its birth year 1912, it is estimated that about 450 billion Oreos have been sold.

11. Men and women eat Oreos differently
Love Food reports that women are likely to twist open their Oreos while men often devour them whole -- this is according to a study conducted by the company itself.

12. Argentina offers half and half Oreos
Oreo Duo, which can be bought only in Argentina, contains strawberry/vanilla and banana/dulce de leche fillings.

Oreo Cookie The Oreo cookie has been around for more than 100 years. But other facts about the cookie, like where it got its name, remain a mystery. Photo: Getty Images