Maple syrup in poured over pancakes during the premier's annual Calgary Stampede Breakfast in Calgary, Alberta, July 7, 2014. In honor of National Pancake Day, here are five syrup recipes to try. REUTERS/Todd Korol

Grab a fork, Monday is National Pancake Day! While a day entirely devoted to “griddlecakes” might seem too good to be true, we suggest taking full advantage of this “holiday.” (In other words, go ahead and feel free to indulge in a pancake dinner – today is cause for celebration).

Of course, you can't eat pancakes without syrup. While many might opt for classic maple syrup, Pancake Day is the day to get creative and experiment with an alternative syrup. Here are five alternative syrup flavors to try for National Pancake Day.

  1. Raspberry Pancake Syrup: This recipe shows pancake lovers how to make their own raspberry syrup using frozen raspberries, so it can be made any time of year. The perfect combo of sweet and tart, top off a stack of buttermilk pancakes with this syrup. Read the full recipe on Real House Moms.
  2. Maple-Rosemary Syrup: Offering an unexpectedly spicy flavor, this recipe is infused with sprigs of rosemary. Although this particular recipe from Food and Wine is a cocktail syrup, it can still be used for pancakes. And all it requires are a maple syrup of your choosing and fresh rosemary sprigs. Try this syrup with honey-walnut pancakes. Find the recipe here.
  3. Cinnamon-Vanilla Pancake Syrup: A perfect recipe for fall, try this sweet syrup over a stack of banana pancakes. Calling for a total of five ingredients, this recipe utilizes ingredients one might already have in their kitchen. Read the recipe at Food.com.
  4. Honey-Orange Syrup: The perfect blend of sweet and citrus, this recipe from Simple Bites suggests the syrup be poured “over cornmeal pancakes or a bowl of fresh fruit.” (Opt for the pancakes, just for today!) Find the recipe here.
  5. Watermelon Syrup: Not ready to say ‘goodbye’ to summer? Here is a syrup recipe that calls for the popular summertime melon. Drizzle over a stack of buckwheat pancakes and top with chopped watermelon. Find the recipe on Domestically Blissful.