• National Pie Day is celebrated on Jan. 23 each year
  • Several restaurants across the country are offering great pie deals
  • These include Grand Traverse Pie Company, Bakers Square and O'Charley's, among others

Pie is the type of food that can bring back a lot of memories. From children to grandparents, there is no doubt that pie can satisfy the tastebuds of people across all generations.

To commemorate National Pie Day this Saturday, here are some restaurants that love pie offering amazing deals for the baked dish.

1. Grand Traverse Pie Company

This Saturday, head over to Grand Traverse Pie Company and get a free slice of Michigan fruit pie if you purchase even just a cup of coffee or a slice of pie. Now that's a deal pie lovers shouldn't miss!

2. Bakers Square

Even if it isn't National Pie Day, Bakers Square offers a free slice of pie on Wednesdays with any entree and beverage purchase. On National Pie Day, however, the bakery is offering $2 off of any whole pie. Better line up!

3. Eckerts

The restaurant, known for its farmhouse setting, is taking part in the pie festivities by offering a buy one and get one deal on National Pie Day.

4. O'Charley's

Wednesdays are a big deal to O'Charley's as on this day, customers can get a free slice of pie with every purchase of an adult entree. To make it even better, customers can get a whole pie for free if they order a Family-Style Meal to go. Just make sure to buy one on a Wednesday.

5. Marie Callender's

This restaurant never fails to surprise everyone with its great deals. As one might expect, Marie Callender's will be offering a wide variety of offers on National Pie Day.

Enjoy one appetizer, two entrees and two slices of pie for only $30. Better yet, grab the Family Meal to go and get four mini pot pies, salad and cornbread for just $39.95.

6. Coco's Bakery

National Pie Day falls on a Saturday this year, but this shouldn't stop customers from enjoying a good offer from Coco's Bakery. During Wednesdays, the bakery gives out a free slice of pie with any entree and beverage purchase as long as customers don't get the order to go. Coco's Bakery opens at around 10:30 a.m. EST.

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