popcorn day 2019
Saturday is National Popcorn Day. Pictured: Popcorn was given out at an LA movie screening at the Paramount Theatre on the Paramount Studios Lot on Dec. 16, 2016 in Los Angeles. Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

Salty, buttery and soft-yet-crunchy snacks should be celebrated, which is why National Popcorn Day exists. The 2019 edition of the delicious holiday falls on Saturday (Jan. 19), and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the big day — from deals and activities to facts and recipes.

Check out a few of the best National Popcorn Day 2019 celebration options below.

Freebies and Deals

If you’re looking to get some free or discounted popcorn goodies today, then you might want to head over to your local movie theater. Many large theater companies, like AMC and Regal, offer popcorn deals on the regular, but they might have special ones for National Popcorn Day, as well. If you sign up for their rewards programs, you can earn points for free popcorn or get sent emails about special rewards days.

Some gourmet popcorn retailers might also be celebrating the holiday with deals online or in-store, which is why heading to the mall for both the stores and the movie theater would be the best option.


Spend the holiday making your own popcorn (try the recipe below), by yourself or with friends, and then enjoy the delicious snack while having a movie marathon or binge-watching a show on Netflix.

You could also write poems or stories that are kernel-themed, or try your hand at filling in some popcorn coloring sheets and put them up around your home.


You might’ve celebrated National Caramel Popcorn Day in April with a sweet-and-salty recipe, so why not give a more classic version a try this time around?

There are a lot of popcorn recipes out there but this one by Elise Bauer on Simply Recipes explains how to make most of the kernels pop and how to not burn many of the kernels. The only ingredients you need are coconut or peanut oil, popcorn kernels, butter and salt. So, what are you waiting for? Get to popping!


1. There are two different shapes of popcorn — the mushroom and the butterfly.

2. Corn pollen dating back 80,000 years has been found, which means popcorn might just be the world’s oldest snack.

3. With a bunch of vitamins, a bit of fiber and some healthy oils, popcorn is quite the superfood.

4. Popcorn kernels don’t expire easily and can actually last millennia, if kept properly, as evidenced by the fact that still-poppable kernels were found in ancient Peruvian tombs.