Fall is here, which means it's that time of the year again when people can enjoy all the good things that come with the season. On National Pumpkin Day, observed every Oct. 26, people everywhere can enjoy all things pumpkin.

People associate pumpkins with Thanksgiving and Halloween, but these gourds related to cucumbers, watermelons and zucchinis don't just make for excellent decoration. Pumpkins are fruits rich in beta-carotene, fiber and vitamin C.

National Pumpkin Day can be celebrated in many different ways, for instance by carving one with the family or learning some interesting facts about them.

Did you know the U.S. actually produced a whopping 1.5 billion pounds of usable pumpkins in 2020? And the state of Illinois was at the top of the nine states that produced 75% of that impressive harvest.

Of course, one of the most fun ways to celebrate pumpkins is to eat them. On this day, let's look at some mouth-watering pumpkin recipes you can try today.

Roast Pumpkin Salad- Incorporating pumpkin into a delicious salad is an easy way to enjoy the gourd. In this vegetarian recipe from Olive Magazine, the pumpkin wedges are tossed in a bowl with flavorful ingredients including cumin, smoked paprika, red onion and ground coriander then baked in an oven. Together with the other salad components and the coriander dressing to match, this definitely makes for an excellent, low-calorie meal.

Pumpkin-Ginger Waffles- Another easy way to add pumpkins into your celebratory meal would be to make this pumpkin-ginger recipe from Country Living. It only takes 30 minutes to make, and adding pumpkin puree and crystallized ginger to the waffle batter will certainly give the traditional breakfast staple with delicious fall twist.

Pumpkin Carbonara- Pasta lovers will definitely love this pumpkin carbonara recipe from Delish. It is fast and simple to make, just like many home-made carbonara recipes, but do add a cup of pumpkin puree for an even creamier dish. It also calls for crispy bacon, giving it an added savory flavor.

Prawn And Pumpkin Curry- Those who are a little more experienced in the kitchen may want to try this recipe. But that doesn't mean it's difficult to make. It is rather quick to whip up once the ingredients are all prepared. Topped over basmati rice, this curry would make for a hearty and flavorful meal to celebrate the day.

Baked Pumpkin With Cream And Onions- This recipe from the BBC Good Food is an impressive pairing with roast chicken. It requires a whole pumpkin or squash, inside of which the creamy mixture of cheese, breadcrumbs and onions are placed. It's all wrapped in foil then baked together in the oven for that perfect autumn side dish.

Pumpkin Bread Pudding- Those who love a good bread pudding may want to try this "pumpkin-fied" version of the classic. One may use brioche or even some other preferred bread. The important thing to remember is it should be already a day old or dried in the oven so it can handle the custard. This is served with caramel sauce on top for that perfectly sweet ending to a pumpkin-themed meal.

Pumpkins Representation. Photo: Matthias Böckel/Pixabay