Did you know that there is a holiday dedicated to celebrating the importance of proper punctuation? It is called National Punctuation Day, and it is observed on Sept. 24 every year.

As far as grammar is concerned, punctuation is key to making sense of any written text and accurately expressing oneself. Knowing the different punctuation marks and how each of them works is a crucial task every person should embrace.

One should keep in mind that a change in punctuation, as well as any addition or removal of one, can drastically change the meaning of a phrase or sentence. For example, there's a fairly scary difference between "Let's eat, kids" and "Let's eat kids."

Commas aren't the only things that matter, because punctuation marks like colons, semicolons and apostrophes also make a big difference. Of course, there is also the hyphen, which is often confused with the dash, even though they have different functions.

Given the complexity of punctuation, it is no longer a surprise that many people get confused about it. So let's face it, punctuation gaffes are everywhere, and it's hard to look past them. Sometimes we gaze in awe at those error-laden signs, particularly curb-side ads, and wonder why they miss punctuation marks altogether.

And while containing the urge to correct these errors is also difficult, the best we can do is laugh ourselves silly over them and try and forgive.

In time for this year's National Punctuation Day, we have rounded up some hilarious, and perhaps criminal (from a grammar nazi's point of view), punctuation errors committed by people.

Whoever wrote this liked cooking a little too much

This is why we have trust issues

The mother of the oops moments

It's one powerful family

Punctuation can save lives

What was going on?

Unable to eat what?

Be careful what you ask for

These gaffes may be funny, but they are reminders about the crucial role punctuation plays in our lives.

Exclamation Mark
Exclamation Mark Bekky Bekks/Unsplash