National Science Fiction Day, which is observed on Jan. 2 every year, is devoted to celebrating the genre that continues to spark people's imaginations.

Many people think of outer space and other similar topics when they think of science fiction, but it is actually a wider genre than one may think. From H.G. Wells' classic novel "The Time Machine" to the well-loved "Star Trek" and "The Twilight Zone" series, the genre touches on a wide variety of topics that people of any age can find interesting.

National Science Fiction Day falls on the listed birthday of Isaac Asimov, who wrote more than 400 works of science fiction and is known as an authority in the genre. People are encouraged to consume sci-fi on this occasion, whether in the form of novels, comics, movies or TV series.

It's also a great time for fans to explore the genre by checking out works they aren't familiar with and spread the word about sci-fi by introducing a friend or relative to their favorite material. They can also talk about their favorite science fiction characters on social media or simply share what they love the most about the genre.

Now let's have a look at some powerful quotes about science fiction. (Courtesy: Brainy Quote and Quote Master)

  1. "Science fiction encourages us to explore…all the futures, good and bad, that the human mind can envision." — Marion Zimmer Bradley
  2. "The function of science fiction is not always to predict the future but sometimes to prevent it." — Frank Herbert
  3. "One of the biggest roles of science fiction is to prepare people to accept the future without pain and to encourage a flexibility of the mind." — Arthur C. Clarke
  4. "Science fiction stories reflect major issues that concern humanity." — Liu Cixin
  5. "Despite what everyone thinks about science fiction, ultimately, at its best, it's about human beings with human emotions." — Greig Fraser
  6. "Science fiction literature's focus is on ideas, the concept of change, and the impact on humanity." — James Gunn
  7. "Science fiction frees you to go anyplace and examine anything." — Octavia E. Butler
  8. "Science fiction is any idea that occurs in the head and doesn't exist yet, but soon will, and will change everything for everybody, and nothing will ever be the same again. As soon as you have an idea that changes some small part of the world you are writing science fiction. It is always the art of the possible, never the impossible." — Ray Bradbury
Science Fiction
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