National Siamese Cat Day is observed annually on April 6 by celebrating the existence of the elegant, and royal felines.

Cat lovers and owners of Siamese cats commemorate the day by spending time with their felines and sharing pictures and videos of their adorable furry friends online.

Here are some interesting facts that you should know about Siamese cats on this 'purrfect' day.

1. Siamese Cats Have A Rich History: These felines originated in Thailand and were once known as "Siam." They are one of the oldest breeds to have originated from Asia.

According to a Thai manuscript known as "Tamra Maew" or "The Cat Book Poems" which was created between 14th and 18th century, the Siam cats had a royal root. They were considered a symbol of wealth and were popular among the royal families.

2. Life Expectancy Of A Siamese Cat: Siamese cats have an average life expectancy of 8 to 12 years.

3. Siamese Kittens Are Born Completely White: Most Siamese cats are born completely white in color and develop their distinctive markings a week after their birth.

4. Two Popular Distinctive Breeds: Though there are several breeds of Siamese cats in the world today, two of them are notable distinctive breeds -

  • The Modern Siamese
  • The Traditional Siamese

​5. Siamese Cats Are Social Butterflies: Siamese cats are known for being very affectionate and love spending with humans and other feline companions. These felines are also extremely loyal and tend to make strong bonds with one particular person.

6. Tend To Be Extraordinarily Talkative: Unlike most cats, Siamese cats don’t hold back from vocalizing their thoughts. They are known for being very talkative and expressive and are sure to steal hearts with their adorable meows.

7. Siamese Cats Are Very Clever & Learn Quickly: These elegant felines are highly intelligent and playful. They are considered to be one of the most intelligent cats in the world, and therefore, can be trained very easily.

8. Mischievous And Get Bored Easily: These playful felines love attention and playtime. They are sure to keep their humans busy with trying to find ways to entertain these magnificent royal felines.

Siamese Cat A New York man was recently sued for $2 million for allegedly murdering a former friend's Siamese cat. Pictured: Jordanian body-builder Farah Malhass, 26, with her Siamese cat named Sara in 2010. Photo: Reuters