• Families gather to try different stuffing every National Stuffing Day
  • There’s no known account of how the celebration started
  • To take this year's celebration a notch higher, you may follow any of these tips

There's a good way you can experiment and explore different stuffing recipes in time for Thanksgiving 2020: Celebrate first the National Stuffing Day on Nov. 21!

National Stuffing Day is an annual event where families gather around to taste different stuffing. While there’s no known account of how the celebration started, many people embrace the event with enthusiasm.

To take the celebration to a whole new level on Saturday, here are three ways you can fire up the kitchen:

Have a "Master Chef" cookoff in your own kitchen

Challenge all cooks in the family to a showdown and settle the debate on who makes the best stuffing once and for all. Invite friends or neighbors to act as judges.

Present all the final output on a table like in a feast and ask every judge to go around and taste the different stuffing. The winning recipe will be the one to make it to the Thanksgiving Dinner table.

Channel the Julia Child inside you

While Julia Child is best known for bringing French cuisine into American homes, it was one stuffing recipe that catapulted her to success. She created the unparalleled method of shaping two boneless turkey breasts with bread stuffing into a big sandwich. 

The dish is just heaven-sent. The sandwich, wrapped in turkey skin and cheesecloth and basted with butter, is best served with a golden, burnished roast after a whole two hours of cooking.  

Child is also known for other holiday recipes. Common ingredients in her dishes include oysters and pumpkins stuffing, swimming in extra butter and cream then spiked with rum or whiskey.  

Try one of the oldest known stuffing recipes

The Roman cookbook "Apicius" by Francesco Leonardi contained the first known documented stuffing recipes. The recipes were compiled in the 1st century AD and were written in Latin.  

The book was commonly called "De Re Coquinaria" at a much later time. It means "On the Subject of Cooking."

One of the oldest recipes in the book was the Stuffed Sow’s Belly. For the dish, the animal’s belly is stuffed with crushed pepper, caraway and salt mussels. To keep the stuffing together, the belly is sewn tightly before roasting. It’s best served with brine and mustard.   

Thanksgiving A woman is pictured serving stuffing from the Thanksgiving turkey. Photo: John Moore/Getty Images