Jimmy Kimmel unveils the banner and slogan for National Unfriend Day 2011 (PHOTO: Screen Capture / ABC / Jimmy Kimmel Live)

It's National Unfriend Day, the day when Facebook users around the world are encouraged to do a major cleanup of their friends list.

Now in its second year, National Unfriend Day is spearheaded by Jimmy Kimmel, who has been promoting the cleanup day for several weeks.

Last year on this show we started a movement. Half of the people in this country are on Facebook. And many of those people have hundreds, if not thousands of 'friends.' And I find this unacceptable. No one has thousands of friends. Acquaintances, maybe, friends no. if you have ten friends in your life, you're doing very well, Kimmel said on his late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, last week.

So I created a national day of action, on which, we encourage anyone with a Facebook page to go through their list of friends and cut anyone who's not actually a friend. It's like spring cleaning, but instead of trash, you're throwing out people, he added.

National Unfriend Day has been heavily promoted on Kimmel's YouTube page, Twitter and yes, even his Facebook page.

All week, Kimmel, 44, has been highly active on Twitter, urging people to unfriend people on Facebook and using the hashtags #NUD and #NationalUnfriendDay.

National Unfriend Day has officially begun #NUD . . . are you unfriending yet? If so, who&why? Kimmel wrote on Thursday morning.

Kimmel fans and those honoring National Unfriend Day have been reporting back to the host on who they've unfriended.

@jimmykimmel I Unfriended over 500 ppl. Loving the realness and simplicity of it all! wrote one user.

@jimmykimmel #UND cut out 41 ppl from my facebook life still have to hit the R's and beyond. I feel lighter, wrote another.

Last year's NUD was a huge success. We killed off millions of LOL-ers, OMG-ers and this year, our plan is to double that. That's our goal, Kimmel said last week.

The slogan for National Unfriend Day 2011 is Un for all and all for Un, according to Kimmel, who unveiled an official banner on his show.

Kimmel also introduced a point system to help Facebook users determine which friend is worthy of a delete.

According to Kimmel and National Unfriend day, delete a friend from your Facebook list if he or she does the following and reaches a total of 50 points or more:

Change their profile picture more than once a month: 5 points
Took their profile picture in the bathroom mirror using their cellphone: 5 points
Posted more than three photos of food: 5 points each
Posted the phrase OMG, my friends are the best: 5 points
For every picture of a pet: 8 points
Said the word yum in a status update: 10 points
Posted a picture of a sunset: 15 points
Uploaded an embarrassing picture of you from Jr. High and tagged you in it: 15 points
Posted their opinion on gay marriage, no matter what it is: 30 points
Invited you to see their band play more times than you've talked in person: 30 points
Used the phrase amazeballs: 40 points
If the person is your Mom: 50 points

Happy National Unfriend Day!