Naughty Dog has revealed that there are content from "The Last of Us Part II" which haven't made it past the cutting room department. The developers maintained that this is the only way they can ensure that only the best material reaches fans and players of the game.

According to Sirus Gaming, Narrative lead Halley Gross talked about how the studio trimmed a lot of content from the final "Last of Us Part II" that will arrive to store shelves soon. Gross added that these came from the people working in the industry — talented creatives with great ideas. Unfortunately, some of the ideas just won't fit right in with the story originally planned by the developers.

It certainly wasn't easy, according to the narrative head, simply because these were great ideas that would've fit in if it was for another game or another story. She made it clear that these would've changed the flow of the story that was why they were cut out.

Gross shared that Creative Director Neil Druckmann was part of of the team who decided to cut extended content to not shy away from the original vision. Gross did reveal that the creative team had a very hard time cutting content for the purpose of making the best final version of the game.

As per Druckmann, he felt that not all ideas were fit into the narrative they planned for the game.

What's New?

More content is certainly becoming available on the Web as "The Last of Us Part 2" launch nears. According to Gaming Bolt, Druckmann revealed the idea behind the Shambler's design. He also talked about how "The Last of Us Part II" used the Infected to make them an even bigger threat in the story.

He shared that they had given the Shamblers 'corrosive damage' for the players not to be static. They wanted to make the fights feel more 'dynamic.' He added that the horror dynamic of the game is magnified with the increased limitation on the senses that the damage imposed.

"The Last of Us Part II" launches on June 19 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The Last of Us Part II
The Last of Us Part II will be available on June 19, 2020. Only on PlayStation. thelastofusgame / Instagram