"NCIS" actress Pauley Perrette
"NCIS" actress Pauley Perrette has been voted TV's most likeable star, following her announcement not to marry until Prop 8 is overturned. Twitter

Pauley Perrette, best known as the goth chick on the CBS crime show NCIS, has landed on top of a recent Q Score list, which measures TV stars in terms of fame and likeability among viewers.

Pauley Perrette 'Most Likeable TV Star'

Perrettes role as eccentric forensic scientist Abby Sciuto on NCIS, which is currently in its ninth season, propelled her to the top, helped by' her talents as a poet and spoken-word activist, according to the Associated Press.

Perrette's Most Likeable TV Star nod was helped by the fact that the actress has some serious academic chops to back up her character, yet uses self-deprecating humor and a sunny personality to make herself relatable to fans.

Perrette studied criminology in college, earning a master's in criminal science. She also studied psychology and sociology before becoming a Hollywood star.

Like her character on NCS, Perrette sports some goth-girl ink, with a tattoo on the side of her finger that reads 12:21, a reference to Romans 12:21, which says Never be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

It's a message she carries in her everyday life and one she feels people respond to in her NCIS character Abby.

I think my character that I play, Abby, is a fantastic role model, Perrette told OnTheRedCarpet.com at the Women in Film event in June 2011. I am honored to play one of the best characters on TV, that's a role model for young girls around the world.

I hear from people's parents, grandparents and girls themselves that the character I play, the fictional character, has encouraged them to go into math and science, which is such a blessing, Perrette said.

No Marriage Until Prop 8 Over

Another reason Pauley Perrette may have nabbed the Most Likeable award, however, and a reason she's currently trending on sites like Twitter and Facebook, is likely because the twice-divorced star is engaged... but won't marry fiance Thomas Arkie until California's Prop 8, which bans gay marriage, is overturned.

Me & #MyMarine [Fiancé] are totally engaged now but will NOT GET MARRIED UNTIL #Prop8 is OVER, she tweeted

Perrette has also shown support for the NOH8 Campaign, which is a silent photo project featuring celebrities against Prop 8.

Lots to Like Abouy Pauley Perrette

The NCIS star's most recent message against hate and discrimination is part of a long crusage against negativity in her personal life, as well, and it's yet another thing to like about the goth-girl star.

I try to live my life as a no-negativity zone, there's no reason to spend any of your time being cruel, being mean, it's not funny - even jokes, Perrette has said in the past. You can use every bit of those moments building people up. That's a philosophy I live by.

Pauley Perrette's other likeable creds include being the lead singer in all-female band Lo-Ball and her past as a hard-core partier and substance abuser, taking her from Atlanta to New York City.

Perrette's star is on the rise and her recent NOH8 stance with fiance Arklie, following in the footsteps of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, is sure to gain her an even more devoted following.

Video below shows NCIS star Pauley Perrette in a NOH8 Campaign: