• Playing old titles on classic-style machines, like Neo Geo's MSVX, will make the experience better
  • The Neo Geo arcade cabinet offers 50 classic games like “King of Fighters,” “Metal Slug” and “Samurai Shodown”
  • The Neo Geo MSVX arcade cabinet costs $449.99 without the stand and $499.99 with one

Neo Geo is releasing a compact arcade cabinet machine that offers a selection of 50 Neo Geo classic games such as “King of Fighters” and “Metal Slug.”

There appears to be no shortage of classic video game remakes and remasters today. Popular titles such as “Final Fantasy VII,” “Resident Evil 2” and “Resident Evil 3: Nemesis” have been remade using the latest technologies. Other titles, such as the PlayStation anti-RPG “Moon,” have been ported to modern consoles just to let players relive the same feeling of playing them many years ago.

When it comes to arcade classics, however, nothing beats playing them in the original machine: arcade cabinets. The thing is, arcade cabinets are bulky and can take up a lot of space inside homes. What's more, they're heavy and difficult to move around, unlike today's consoles and gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch.

Thankfully, video game company Neo Geo thought about this and decided to make a small arcade cabinet in the form of the Neo Geo Multi Video System, or “MVSX,” The Verge reported. This arcade cabinet measures 25 inches tall and can be placed atop tables. It also has an optional stand that measures 32 inches tall and features certain details completing the arcade cabinet look.

Neo Geo MSVX Neo Geo's new Multi Video System arcade cabinet, or MSVX. Photo: Neo Geo

The MVSX has a 17-inch LCD screen and features two joysticks and more than a dozen buttons, allowing two people to play together just like old arcade machines did. It weighs 28 pounds, which means users can place it anywhere they want to without having to call everyone at home to help carry it.

Unlike traditional arcade machines that only feature one video game, the MSVX features a collection of 50 Neo Geo masterpieces that fans will enjoy. These include a slew of “King of Fighters” games, “Metal Slug” versions, “Samurai Shodown” titles, “Fatal Fury” games and more. It also features Neo Geo sports titles like “Foot Ball Frenzy” and “Baseball Stars.”

Interested parties can get the Neo Geo MSVX arcade cabinet for $449.99 without the stand. The stand can be purchased for $99.99 on its own, but buying the MSVX along with the stand will cost only $499.99.

Preorders will begin next month, and shipping is expected to begin early in November.