Netflix CEO Hastings speaks during the launch of streaming internet subscription services for movies and television shows in Toronto
Netflix is changing its pricing plans in the US market - eliminating the bundling of streaming with DVD by mail programs. REUTERS/ Mike Cassese

Los Gatos-based on-demand internet streaming video provider Netflix is offering several video stream value options for users face data caps from their broadband internet service provider.

A new feature, Manage Video Quality, has been introduced, which is specially made for 3G and 4G users who may have a clash with their broadband data plans.

Within the feature, the Good Quality option will use nearly 0.3 GB per hour, while Better Quality will use 0.7GB per hour. The Best Quality will go up to 1GB for standard definition and 2.3GB for high definition.

The lowest quality setting may even let the users watch movies on their iPad without worrying about the data plan, the Brothersoft News reported.