School is almost in session at Winchester University for the cast of Netflix's original series "Dear White People." Netflix announced Season 3 of the comedy-drama will be available for viewing this August.

The streaming platform giant dropped the news in a YouTube video on Wednesday. The video, which was released in celebration of Juneteenth, showed some of the "Dear White People" cast engaging in "The Great Grits Swap" where they debated which grits were better: sweet or salty? In the end, it was a tie 3-3.

While their conversation was entertaining, the best part comes about 55-seconds into the video. Appearing on the screen briefly before the ending is the words fans have been waiting for, "returning August 2."

The teaser also disclosed the logline of the new season in the description. It reads, "New characters, new relationships, new secrets."

It's been over a year since viewers have watched, as Deadline describes it, "Winchester University’s students of color as they navigate a diverse landscape of social injustice, cultural bias, political correctness (or lack thereof) and activism in the millennial age." Season 2 left off with many unanswered questions but, thankfully, series creator Justin Simien gave fans a glimpse into what to expect for Season 3 last year.

The logline phrase proves that the "Dear White People" mastermind stayed true to his word and fans can expect some new characters. “I’ve thought as far as the initial core characters, where their arcs sort of net out, but there are always interesting new characters and people who pop in surprising ways," Simien told IndieWire last June. "Winchester’s a fun milieu to tell all kinds of tales.”

Let's not forget about the Season 2 ending. It was revealed to the audience that Sam (Logan Browning) and Lionel (DeRon Horton) had been selected for the Order of X, a prestigious secret society. According to IndieWire, Simien said that while the Order of X will be a storyline, it may not necessarily be the focus of Season 3.

“I think we have to follow up what the Order of X is, what it means, what to continues to mean,” he told the publication last May. “The secret thing is something I want to build upon because it is part of the fabric of the school. I don’t know that I want that to be the focus of next season, but you can’t just run away from that storyline.”

Nothing else has been disclosed regarding the new season just yet but fans can refresh their memories before the Season 3 release. Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on Netflix.

"Dear White People Season 3" will be available on Netflix starting Aug. 2.

Sam White in a scene from "Dear White People" on Netflix. Netflix