Heidi Klum received shady comments from several fans after posting a topless picture on her social media account during her honeymoon over the weekend in Italy.

Klum captioned her Instagram post with a statement saying all she saw was water. The German model also uploaded the same picture in her Twitter account. See pic here (Warning: graphic content).

While it’s a matter of Klum’s self-expression, the picture caused a debate among her Instagram followers. There were users who accused the 46-year-old fashion designer of having a midlife crisis, Fox News reported. There were also some who questioned her concept of respect and morality.

(@snshajja) said that the photo was not appropriate for mothers and that Klum should know better. Although torn, (@lisameyer1308) spoke her appreciation on Klum’s expression of her freedom and fearlessness. However, she was also confused why the model would want to show the world her bare breast especially she’s a married woman.

“This photograph is disgusting and completely unnecessary! Where has all the morality gone!” (@alavanca2) added in the comment section.

“Just because you’re on a yacht and on vacation doesn’t give you the right to expose young girls and young ladies to believing this kind of behavior is okay. I’m appalled,” the said user further added.

“Yes, you are on (what should be) a private honeymoon, Yes, you also have breasts that you want everyone else (aside from your husband) to notice. Okay so we did,” Instagram user (@ingrid_ericsen) said, sounding rather furious.

“Now… can you tuck them away instead of embarrassing your (still impressionable) children, try setting an example or RESPECT for them? As American, we already know that Europeans tend to be a lot more free with public nudity but you can still do so without having to advertise it,” the said user added.

Suggesting a new concept to consider, the said user said called out for Klum to show some respect for everyone else by keeping her supposed private part to herself and for her husband.

While the bashing went on, some of Klum’s fans defended her act of self-expression. According to (@slo0819), those people who are making negative comments are salty and jealous. The user suggested that if they didn’t like Klum’s post they could just unfollow her. That simple.

Instead of hating, (@claikjrny) appreciated Klum’s beauty and told the model to not let her haters bring her down.

Supported by another Instagram user, (@mitchcharlotte) also suggested for those people disliking Klum’s post grow up and unfollow her instead of putting negative comments on the picture.

This is already Klum and Tom Kaulitz’s second marriage. CNN reported that couple’s first marriage was in February.

Klum seemed rather unfazed of the social media commotion. Instead of paying attention to other people’s opinion about her topless picture, the model enjoyed her honeymoon and even posted a short video of the beautiful scenery on the yacht over Italian waters.