After a controversial Web site briefing private medical records of adult film stars was folded, a new site dedicated to helping adult film producers and directors find actors will be launched.

"Adult Performer Health and Safety Services" will replace the database once provided by Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation (AIM Medical Associates) which showcased personal matters of pornography actors, as reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Private information from AIM, was leaked to a Web site called "Pornwikileaks" that identified porn stars and their health conditions, which included their test results for STDs. Services offered through AIM's website have been on a hiatus since April, according to its website.

The new database to be released as early as September will allow filmmakers of pornography to browse through a list of adult film actors available for work in order to cast, though it will not display any test results.

Performers within the adult film industry must receive mandated STD testing every 30 days in order to be eligible to star in a film, since many films do not include the usage of condoms. Activists have held countless rallies across the country for the usage of condoms in the adult film industry.