Spotify has released individualized data on users' music habits each December since 2016. The annual release has increased in popularity over the years, with several other music streaming services creating their own versions of data compilations.

Spotify Wrapped consists of the users' most listened-to songs, top artists, genres, and podcasts. In recent years the app has added fun music habit quiz questions and an "audio aura" generator which provides users with an aura alongside gradients of color based on the music they listen to. The service also creates several personal playlists for listeners as well as playlists for top tracks and artists nationally from the past year. Users can listen to these playlists at any time after they release.

Each year, photos of listeners' Spotify Wrapped flood social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. The eagerly anticipated release is not online yet, but here is how you can see it once it launches.

This year's Spotify Wrapped has been described by the company as "a deep dive into the music and podcasts that defined your 2022." The website tells users waiting for the release to, " Keep listening to what you love, and we'll shout when it's ready," while directing them to revisit last year's Spotify Wrapped.

When Does Spotify 2022 Wrapped Release?

Spotify has not released an official date that Spotify Wrapped will drop but users anticipate that it will release within the first week of December based on Spotify's teasers and past release dates.

The app has been hinting at the release recently. On Monday, Spotify tweeted, "Want to be the first to know when #SpotifyWrapped is here? [like] this tweet and we'll remind you!" The company has also launched a personalized hashtag surrounding the release on Monday which appears alongside a small graphic with yellow, orange, and purple designs surrounding the Spotify logo.

In previous years the release has fallen on Dec. 1 in 2021, Dec. 2 in 2020, Dec. 5 in 2019, and Dec. 6 in 2017 and 2018.

People on social media have been sharing memes in anticipation of the release.

Some are curious as to what the graphics for the release will be after last year's design was continuously joked about online.

How Can I See My 2022 Spotify Wrapped?

Users can access their Spotify Wrapped once it releases by visiting this website on their desktop, iOS, or Android device.

A pop-up will also appear on Spotify home pages when users open the app on the day of release, as has occurred in previous years. Clicking on the Wrapped link will lead listeners to a slideshow of their most popular music in 2022.

Reportedly, Spotify compiles data from Jan.1- Oct. 31 each year. So, if you're looking to change your stats last minute it will unfortunately not be included in this year's Spotify Wrapped. However, official dates have not been confirmed by Spotify.

For low-usage listeners, Spotify may not have enough data to compile a Wrapped experience. Reportedly, users must stream at least 30 tracks for more than 30 seconds, as well as stream at least five artists to be eligible for a Spotify Wrapped feature. Updated versions of the Spotify app may also be required to view the feature in-app.

A new feature may include videos from artists thanking their top listeners. Spotify shared guidelines on how artists can prepare for the release.

The introduction of the website tells artists, "In the weeks leading up to Wrapped, you can record a video message for your top fans, get ready to sell merch and concert tickets, and make sure your artist profile looks its absolute best."

How Can I Share My 2022 Spotify Wrapped?

Every year Spotify users release their "Wrapped" data on social media to share it with friends and other music aficionados.

Competing music streaming services have also released data compilations that their users can share, stirring up a social media debate over which service is the best.

Youtube Music released a 2022 recap experience on Monday and Apple Music Replay is expected to release soon. Amazon Music has also released Year in Review playlists in the past.

Users can share their 2022 music habits from Spotify directly to Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, and more by clicking the three dots near the playlist or graphic and from there clicking "share." An image can be downloaded and a link can be copied from the share option as well.

Users will have to log in to their social media accounts through Spotify's link in order to share their Spotify Wrapped.