"Divinity: Original Sin 2" has recently received free content in the form of the Gift Bag DLC. This content is available to all platforms and comes with new enemies to defeat, new quests to complete, as well as additional stories expanding on the base storyline of the Larian-developed game.

According to Gamespot, the game – which was originally released for the PC in 2017 – will also receive new voice acting, more armor sets to locate and complete, and a new Undead Dragon as boss. The game made its way to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018 and to the Nintendo Switch in 2019. Its claim to fame includes critical acclaims from various game reviews.

A new graphic novel has also been released for the game, releasing side-by-side with the DLC. The novel is titled "Divinity: Original Sin – Godwoken" and is set before the events of "Original Sin II." The story of the events that happened in between is depicted in 300 full-color pages.

Aside from the new bosses and the graphic novel, the game will also be receiving the Four Relics of Rivellon. These are four magical sets of armor – also known as artifact armor – that are added to the quests and the storyline that the player needs to discover.

An update on the game's Steam page revealed the four armor. The Captain armor helps the player dominate weaker minds and boosts their stats. The Vulture armor, meanwhile, helps ranged attackers deal more damage. The Contamination armor gifts immunity to poison if completed, while it grants resistance if incomplete. Lastly, the Devourer armor helps the player keep track of their enemies.

This can be obtained through quests, and are certainly welcome help against the added enemies in the game. "Divinity: Original Sin II" has been acclaimed as one of the 'most captivating role-playing games' to have ever been made. The combat, as well as the level of detail done to flesh out the world, was only some of the specifics that made the game such a hit among its fanbase.

Divinity Original Sin 2
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