• "One Piece" Chapter 996 will be out on Nov. 20
  • A new set of spoilers from tipsters is now available
  • It looks like the new chapter would give updates on Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Kaido, Franky, Law and Yamato

"One Piece" 996 is set to arrive in a few days and it looks like Eiichiro Oda is preparing the latest installment and several other subsequent chapters of the manga for the highly anticipated major battles between key characters in the series, which could happen in Act IV of the Land of Wano Arc.

Thanks to Redon, Korean insiders and worstgen, fans already know what to expect from "One Piece" Chapter 996. Contrary to what many fans predicted, it looks like the upcoming chapter would offer updates on Law, Yamato, Luffy, Sanji, Franky, Kaido and the Red Scabbards. Essentially, it could mean that the rematch between Kaido and Luffy could happen in "One Piece" Chapter 1000 or later.

The latest spoilers also hint that Sanji could face Black Maria, mentioning that Black Leg would react when he hears the Tobi Roppo member’s voice on the third floor. There is a chance that Sanji and Black Maria could meet. As for the possibility that the Straw Hat cook would fight, the beautiful ally of Kaido remains to be seen.

One Piece World Seeker One Piece At TGS 2018 Photo: steamXO/flickr

Some fans of the hit manga series believe that the two-years time-skip would intensify Sanji’s fondness for women. This is also one of the reasons why they think a Sanji vs. Black Maria fight could have the same outcome as the Sanji vs. Kalifa fight, which happened in the Enies Lobby Arc. Will the Soba Mask have what it takes to fight the beautiful Tobi Roppo member?

The new spoilers also reveal that Hacha would go after Franky and the chase would end with the Straw Hat’s Iron Man falling on the floor where Yamato and Sasaki are fighting. The spoilers also mention the devil dragon fruit, but it is not yet clear if it is Yamato's or Sasaki’s. 

Moreover, Trafalgar Law would discover the road Poneglyph in the basement, and he would recall his conversation with Nico Robin about being part of the D clan and finding the mysterious steles.

"One Piece" Chapter 996 spoilers tease that Kaido and the Red Scabbards' fight is still ongoing. While Nami and Usopp escaped death from Ulti and Page One because of Otama and Kumachiyo’s arrival.