Apple will release new emoji with iOS 11.1.
Apple will release new emoji with iOS 11.1. Apple

Apple released iOS 11 a few weeks ago and now the company is ready to launch iOS 11.1 -- which will come with hundreds of new emoji.

Apple announced the upcoming emoji on Friday, which will be available for iPhone and iPad users with the new update. The new emoji will first release in the iOS 11.1 beta next week and will launch afterwards to the public. Apple did not specify the exact iOS 11.1 release date.

The emoji include more emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing options, foods, animals, mythical creatures and more, Apple said. The new emoji released include those announced on World Emoji Day, which features a woman with a headscarf, a bearded person, a woman breastfeeding, a zombie, a person in lotus position and a genie.

Images Apple released of the new emoji include the I love you hand sign, a fairy, mermaid, wizard, vampire, broccoli, red scarf, blue dinosaur, a pie, a “shh” face, crazy face, a mind-blown emoji, a person rock climbing and a new cursing face emoticon.

apple emoji
Apple will release new emoji with iOS 11.1. Apple

The new emoji could be consolation for those who don’t plan on getting the iPhone X. The 10th anniversary device is set to come with Animoji, customized animated emoji. Users will be able to pick from dozens of animated Animoji to express their emotions on iMessage through the device’s Face ID camera.

iOS 11 Update

The upcoming update will follow iOS 11.0.2, which was released this week. iOS 11's second update fixes a previous issue that caused iPhone 8 users to hear a crackling sound from their device’s earpiece during phone and FaceTime calls.

Apple’s iOS 11 came with numerous new features, including support for augmented reality apps. The update comes with a customizable Control Center, smarter Siri and a Do Not Disturb feature for drivers. iOS 11 also comes with a new Files App and updates to iMessage and Photos.

The September update did not bring the new Apple Pay features the company announced during its Worldwide Developers Conference this June. The new features include a person-to-person payment option and the Apple Pay Cash card. Apple said last month Apple Pay improvements will come in updates to the new operating systems. The company did not specify whether the features will release with iOS 11.1, however features could be released this month.