New iPad, (R) and its predecessor, the iPad 2
Apple Inc's latest tablet computer, the new iPad, (R) and its predecessor, the iPad 2, are pictured with a thermal camera in Berlin March 22, 2012. Apple Inc's new iPad reached temperatures of 116 degrees Fahrenheit (47 degrees Celsius) after 45 minutes of running an intense action game, or up to 13 degrees F (8 degrees C) hotter than the previous iPad under similar conditions, according to news reports on March 20, 2012 citing a test run by influential reviewer Consumer Reports. Reuters

There have been many complaints about the new iPad and its overheating problems, but this is mainly because Apple is held in higher regard than every other tablet manufacturer. Not surprisingly, a recent test shows that the new Apple iPad is not the only tablet device that runs a little hot, many other Android based tablets do. Some might say it is unfair for the media to be attacking the new iPad over its heating issues when other devices from countless manufacturers suffer the same thing, our answer is as what we said before: Apple is held in higher regard.

PC World did some serious testing to silence those who are attacking the new iPad over how hot it gets. The results from the test show multiple Android tablets running at heat levels comparable to the new iPad. Yes, in all test the new iPad came out on top as the hottest tablet, but not by much.

According to PC World findings, the new iPad temperature is in line with other competing tablets such as the Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime and Samsung Galaxy 10.1, and yet no one seem to have been complaining about those. This goes to show how powerful the Apple's iPad line of tablets are, that consumers expect more from Apple than other manufacturers.

When on idle, the new iPad measures temperatures of 76 degrees at the front, and 81 degrees at the center, which is just a little bit higher than the other tablets on the list. After playing games for an hour, this is where the new iPad begins to truly heat up. Temperatures rose to 85 degrees at the front center, and 95 degrees at the back center, a significant jump from the previous 76 degrees.

Furthermore, the heating doesn't stop there. The maximum temperature on the back of the new iPad after playing games for an hour, reached 97 degrees, and we have to admit, that's pretty hot. To make matters even more interesting, the Consumer Reports group recorded a 116 degrees temperature while playing games, this might be due to playing a more graphics-intensive game.

However, in the end, it goes to show that this heat problem is not really a problem when many other tablets are experiencing similar results, just look at the chart for more proof.

(reported by Vamien MacKalin, edited by Surojit Chatterjee)

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