Following its October release, moviegoers have been captivated by the scene in "Joker" where Joaquin Phoenix's character Arthur Fleck dances down a steep staircase. This particular part of the film also inspired many to travel to that location in The Bronx in order to mimic that particular part of Todd Phillips' movie.

Now, new footage of the film, seemingly filmed by an onlooker, has recently emerged online that will likely give fans a previously-unseen perspective of the famous scene.

In the aforementioned clip, Phoenix can be seen dressed in his red suit and standing atop the staircase. In the first few seconds, he seemingly waits for his cue to begin and practices a couple moves ahead of the official filming. Then, he quickly steps into the character and begins his descent. The snippet can be seen below.

According to, some people are saying "the lucky fan caught a special look at one of the year's most cinematic moments yet" thanks to their fortuitous proximity to the shooting location.

Even though many tourists have decided to flock to the location to make their own attempts at recreating the dance, not everyone is pleased with the new attention the spot has been getting. As reported by Lad Bible, a flyer was recently put on a nearby lamppost that read, "It is disrespectful to treat our community and residents as a photo opportunity for your social media or 'it' moment. This is real life, not a movie and we're not jokin'."

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Joaquin Phoenix stars as Arthur Fleck in Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, and BRON Creative’s "Joker." Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros.