Men in Black 3 is set to hit movies theaters Memorial Day weekend, but the studio has just released a new clip from the movie.

In the clip agent J (Will Smith) and a young agent K (Josh Brolin) are chasing an alien and have to whip out some futuristic wheels when their car gets destroyed.

Do you have these in the future? Brolin asked Smith in the clip.

No, Smith answers.

The agents are in pursuit of Boris, who is a time-traveling alien who goes back to 1969 to erase the older K (Tommy Lee Jones) from existence.

In all actuality we do have mono-wheels in the future. The mono-wheel has been around since the 1800s. They are a one-wheeled single-track vehicle, where the rider sits inside or on the side of the wheel and holds onto the handlebars. The first motorized version was introduced in 1904.

Men In Black 3 hits theaters May 25.