A new Michael Jackson song, This Is It, will be released as a single on October 12, Sony Music Entertainment announced Wednesday.

The song -- which features backing vocals by Michael's brothers, the Jacksons -- is part of a two-disc album of music inspired by the upcoming This Is It film, which chronicles Jackson's final days rehearsing for his comeback concerts. The pop star died June 25 of a prescription drug overdose.

The This Is It double album will be released worldwide on October 26 and in North America on October 27. Two versions of the new song appear on the set's first disc, which also features original masters of Michael Jackson's hits in the order in which they appear in the movie. The album's second disc features previously unreleased versions of other Jackson hits, as well as a previously unheard spoken word piece, Planet Earth.

Sony Pictures' This Is It film hits theaters on October 28 for a two-week run.