A Texas woman, who had been intubated and put on an induced coma days after giving birth to her first child, died Sunday, following a month-long battle with COVID -19.

Alexandra Chandler, a fully vaccinated elementary school teacher at the Killeen Independent School District, was diagnosed with COVID-19, just days before she went into labor. Chandler did not encounter any other complications during the C-Section delivery on Jan.9 and was discharged from the hospital along with her newborn, Beau.

However, almost five days later, her condition deteriorated, and she had to be admitted back to the hospital. Chandler, who had breathing difficulties, was intubated and placed in a medically induced coma as doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia. She later experienced a double pneumothorax, a condition in which both lungs collapse due to the illness, KDH News reported.

The tragedy struck the new mother as she welcomed a baby after years of fertility struggles, the family said. "After years of fertility struggles and finally giving birth, COVID-19 has robbed Alex of the joy of being a first-time Mom," the family wrote on a Go Fund Me page that was set up to support Chandler during the hospitalization.

Chandler, who was always excited about her teaching job, had concerns when she had to get back to work, days before her due date. "She was only a few days from delivering, and she also mentioned that she didn’t feel safe while cases of COVID19 were rapidly increasing in Central Texas. But, she had no choice but to return for the few days before giving birth," Chandler's mother Jenny Clay said,

Despite remaining cautious all through her pregnancy to not contract the virus, Chandler eventually ended up getting infected with the virus, the mother added.

"Alex is by far the kindest person and loved by everyone who knows her. She is a woman full of grace, and seeing how others rally around her is a true testament to her character," the family said.

Meanwhile, the school district expressed their condolences at the tragic death of Chandler. "She will be greatly missed. She was a dedicated teacher, friend, and mentor to her peers and students. We send our heartfelt condolences and prayers to her family during this difficult time," the statement read, as reported by KWTX.

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