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  • Netflix will release a South Korean high-teen drama about love and jealousy titled "Hierarchy"
  • It will star "18 Again" actress Noh Jung Ui and "Crash Course in Romance" star Lee Chae Min
  • "Hierarchy" will be directed by Bae Hyun Jin, who worked on "Start-Up"

A new South Korean high-teen drama is making its way to Netflix, and it will feature a star-studded cast.

On Monday, the streaming giant unveiled the cast of the upcoming series "Hierarchy," which will depict love, friendship, jealousy and competition unfolding within an elite high school.

"Hierarchy" will center on a transfer student with a secret joining Jooshin High School, where the top 0.01% of students have gathered. Founded by Korea's top conglomerate Jooshin Group, the prestigious institution is attended only by children who were "selected" from birth.

It will star Noh Jung Ui, an up-and-coming actress who rose to fame after appearing in 2019's "The Greatest Show," 2020's "18 Again" and 2021's "Our Beloved Summer." She will play the character Jung Jae Yi — the eldest daughter of the Jaeyul Group, the rival of the Jooshin Group, and the indisputable queen of Jooshin High, according to Soompi.

"Crash Course in Romance" star Lee Chae Min will portray Kang Ha, the transfer student who will seemingly unleash chaos in the school's system as his secret slowly begins to unfold.

"Our Blues" actor Kim Jae Won will play Kim Ri Ahn, the top-ranking student of Jooshin High and the heir of Jooshin Group, while "The Sound of Music's" Ji Hye Won and "My Perfect Stranger's" Lee Won Jung will star as students Yoon Hye Ra and Lee Woo Jin, respectively.

"Hierarchy" will be helmed by director Bae Hyun Jin, who is known for Netflix K-drama hits such as "Alchemy of Souls" and "Start-Up," as well as the critically acclaimed MBC drama "Big Mouth," which starred Lee Jong Suk, Im Yoona and Kwak Dong Yeon.

The upcoming series' script is written by Chu Hye Mi of "About Time."

The official release date of "Hierarchy" has yet to be announced. It is expected to have about 16 episodes, which is the standard run for most dramas from South Korea.

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