• "One Piece" has a new Vivre Card Pack
  • It reveals a lot of information on the Beast Pirates
  • It also indicates the bounties of the Tobi Roppo

The new "One Piece" Vivre Card pack, which is set to release Friday, contains juicy details about Kaido, his son Yamato, the Beast Pirates, their bounties and a lot more. 

According to the upcoming "One Piece" Vivre Card pack, Kaido came from the Grand Line. He was born on May 1 and his favorite food is sake.  

His epithet says he is the strongest creature. Following his battle with Kozuki Oden, Kaido is excited about the "appearance of a strong enemy."

ONE PIECE | Wano Kuni Arc Recap Part 2 | Toei Animation A 5-minute look back at Act Two of the Wano Kuni arc from "One Piece"! Photo: Toei Animation Official US YouTube Channel

"Bored with the world, the Strongest Creature seeks to destroy it! Due to his unparalleled vitality, no one has been able to kill him," his description read.

Yamato, on the other hand, is a 28-year-old female whose favorite foods include one and salmon. According to the latest set of Vivre Card, her origin is unknown. Her blood type is F and her height is 263 centimeters. Yamato's initial name was Ninigi.

As for King the Conflagration, he is described as the strongest All-Star. In terms of strength, he is next to Kaido. He is also known as the right-hand man of the governor-general of the Beasts Pirates. King is so strong he single-handedly prevented the entire Big Mom Pirates from entering Wano Kuni.

King is from a race that does not exist in Totoland, which is why Big Mom wants to have him. He became Kaido's subordinate because he was attracted to his strength, the Vivre Card said. He moved to Wano along with his captain and fought with his side during the battle led by Kozuki Oden.

The upcoming "One Piece" Vivre Card also reveals only Kaido and King have crossed paths with Shank's Red Hair Pirates on their way to Marineford. This fact is not in Queen the Plague or Jack the Drought's history. King has a bounty of 1.39 billion Berries.

Queen the Plague is much older than King by a few years. He is 56 years old and his blood type is XF. Like Kaido, he is from the Grand Line. Queen's bounty is set at 1.32 billion Berries.

As for Jack the Drought, he is 28 years old and has blood type X. He is also from the Grand Line and loves to eat cactus steak. Jack has a bounty of 1 billion Berries.

The Vivre Card also shares a lot of information about Whos Who of the Tobi Roppo. Apparently, he is 38 years old and came from North Blue. His bounty is set at 546 million Berries and his favorite food is Kaji no Paella.

Black Maria, on the other hand, is 29 years old and her favorite food is Mitarashi Dango. She has a bounty of 480 million Berries.

Sasaki, another Tobi Roppo, is 34 years old and has an XF blood type. His bounty is 472 million Berries.

Ulti is 22 years old and is also from the Grand Line. His bounty is set at 400 million Berries.

XDrake, 33, came from North Blue. He used to be a member of the Barrels Pirates before it was destroyed by Doflamingo, according to the Vivre Card.

Afterward, he was taken in by Sengoku where he got the opportunity to be a part of the Navy and eventually joined the special unit called Sword. He left the Navy and joined Kaido to infiltrate the Beast Pirates. XDrake has a bounty of 350 million Berries.

Page One is 20 years old. He came from Grand Line and his bounty is set at 290 million Berries. His favorite food is nachos.

According to the upcoming "One Piece" Vivre Card pack, all of the Tobi Roppo members have Busoshoku Haki and Kenbunshoku Haki.