A patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment has surfaced online, and it seems to contain details about the PlayStation 5 controller. The patent was discovered by the German site Techstatic, and it appears that it suggests a major change in the way the DualShock controller functions. If the patent comes to a realization, then we could be looking at a DualShock 5 with a feature taken from Google Stadia, which allows the PlayStation 5 controller to directly connect to the Internet instead of PS5 connecting to the Internet itself.

The patent was filed a few weeks ago at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and came with images that reveal the PlayStation 5 controller connecting to an online server instead of to the console. While the patent does not outright states that it is for a controller rather for a controller device, which is vague enough to hint this could be not related to the DualShock 5.

It is worth noting that this is not the only PlayStation patent to appear online. Another was recently filed, which appears to be a PlayStation VR controller with a round design. While these patent applications are interesting, it does not necessarily follow that they are going to be released soon.

Tech giants and hardware manufacturers like Sony file patents all the time, and most of it were never able to take form in the market. But, it is still interesting to note that the Japanese console maker is entertaining the idea with this kind of technology, considering that Google Stadia is preparing to arrive in the market in November. The latest PlayStation 5 controller patent could be just Sony prototyping controllers for the PlayStation VR 2 or PlayStation 5.

Meanwhile, an alleged actual photo of the PlayStation 5 dev kit surfaced online recently. The photo almost looks the same as the PS5 dev kit renders made by LetsGoDigital. While we cannot verify the veracity of the alleged actual PS5 dev kit photo, it is worth noting that the patent and the renders with the same design are confirmed accurate by a game developer last August.

Sony’s next-generation gaming console, the PlayStation 5, will arrive somewhere in the holiday of 2020.