• Microsoft announced that the Xbox Series X would arrive sometime in November
  • A new leak reveals another Microsoft material seemingly confirming the existence of Xbox Series S
  • Microsoft has not yet confirmed nor announced the Xbox Series S

Microsoft seemingly offered a new proof that the Xbox Series S exists. The unannounced, more affordable, but less powerful next-gen gaming console from Microsoft is referenced again in an official Microsoft material. Many fans believe that the company would release the Xbox Series S alongside Xbox Series X.

The latest proof that Xbox Series S really exists came from Twitter user BraviaryBrendan. The user shared a couple of images that show the Xbox Controller and the Xbox Game Pass on the social microblogging site. Bundled with the controller, the Xbox Game Pass code sheet mentions Xbox Series X|S.

If the latest claim is accurate, this is the second time that the official Xbox merchandise mentions the unannounced next-gen gaming console from Microsoft. Last month, another gamer shared several photos of his new Xbox controller on Twitter, which also referenced Xbox Series X|S. Multiple references to Xbox Lockhart or Xbox Series S were also previously discovered in Microsoft’s codes.

Xbox is combining its Game Pass with its cloud video game service to allow users to play games on their mobile devices
Xbox is combining its Game Pass with its cloud video game service to allow users to play games on their mobile devices AFP / Ina FASSBENDER

Although Microsoft has not yet announced the Xbox Series S, leaks and rumors seemingly outed the console. Based on leaks, the more affordable Xbox Series S would be reportedly positioned as the budget console. It allegedly houses the same graphical prowess as the current-generation Xbox One X.

Whispers online also claimed that the Xbox Series S would be the all-digital counterpart of the Xbox Series S. It is believed to be the rival of Sony’s PS5 Digital Edition. While it is believed that the upcoming system is less powerful than the Xbox Series X, it is claimed that the former would still offer aspects of next-generation experience unavailable to previous generation gaming consoles.

It could be in the form of faster Solid State Drive loading speed and ray-tracing ability. Microsoft Executive Phil Spencer went out his way last year to deny that there is a second next-generation gaming console on the way. However, with multiple packaging leaked online, unreleased developers’ document, and a series of rumors, it's looking like the Xbox Series S is Microsoft open secret.

It is worth mentioning that Microsoft has not yet confirmed that the Xbox Series S really exists. Take this new information with a pinch of salt.