The idea of cross-console play and sharing is a prospect that, while exciting, is not something easy to implement. But if a new rumor is to be believed, Microsoft and Nintendo may be trying to make something happen.

According to Direct Feed Games and Game Informer, Microsoft may make some of its offerings available on Nintendo Switch. Not only would it be general ports, but the entire Xbox Game Pass library would also be available to stream.

In order to do this, Microsoft would use its previously announced Project xCloud to get around the Switch’s technical limitations. The idea with Project xCloud is to offer Xbox and PC quality games to stream through your phone, so Switch would be a big improvement.

This idea is not completely unfounded either. Cross-play between Xbox One and Switch became available for “Minecraft” in summer 2018. Considering the massive online presence that “Minecraft” still has to this day, this was a big move by both companies in trying to expand their player bases.

It’s important to remember that, as of right now, this is all still a rumor. Neither company has confirmed anything regarding this prospect, though that isn’t much of a surprise. But if the reports turn out to be true, it could be the first in a big shift in the way video game companies work together.