Sales people on the run will soon be able to integrate their customer information with their Blackberry smartphones.

Business software maker SAP and Blackberry maker RIM announced a partnership for new software on Friday to create a mobile sales tool client.

The new software will merge SAP's Customer Relationship Management application with Blackberry's email, address book and calendar functions.

By having a native application on a BlackBerry smartphone that easily extends functionality but retains the native ease of use, users will find it non-intrusive to adopt applications such as CRM, said Mary Wardley, vice president of CRM Applicatiosn at research firm IDC. This is an exciting partnership and definitely has the potential to change the game.

The SAP CRM software is expected to be a secure product for businesses.

Companies which already use products offered by both companies will be able to use the software with some basic training and minimal technology investments, the companies said.