• Reports that Nintendo is working on a new version of Nintendo Switch surfaced in 2019
  • However, Nintendo quashed the rumors and claimed it would not release any console in 2020
  • A new Nintendo document may have revealed that the company is working on a new Nintendo Switch model

A new filing submitted by Nintendo suggests that the company is planning a new Switch revision. The document reveals that the company intends to change the System on Chip (SoC) and RAM of the hybrid console. There have been reports earlier claiming that Nintendo is preparing to launch a new Switch in 2021.

On August 23, Japanese gaming giant Nintendo filed a few requests with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). In a letter, the company detailed the changes, which primarily focused on the internals of Nintendo Switch. These changes include the hybrid console's memory components, as well as its SoC.

In the letter, Nintendo also mentioned that it has to change the CPU board of the hybrid console because of these changes. It seems that these are the only changes that the company would like to seek approval from the FCC. "Since there is no change in shape of the enclosure and the component layout related to RF characteristics including the antenna between the original model and the new model, the SAR testing on the new model is not required and is waived," Nintendo writes.

Nintendo said sales were given a lift by demand for the cheaper, smaller version of its popular Switch console
Nintendo said sales were given a lift by demand for the cheaper, smaller version of its popular Switch console AFP / Kazuhiro NOGI

Aside from the letter, Nintendo included Switch's internal and external photos. The interior's photo shows the changes the company wants to happen. The FCC filing seemingly contrasts Bloomberg's earlier report about a new Nintendo Switch model with "more computing power and 4K high-definition graphics."

Earlier, Economic News Daily reported that a new version of Nintendo Switch would enter into production in the later part of 2020. The new hybrid console would reportedly release in the first quarter of 2021. Citing supply chain sources as the source of information, the report revealed that the new Nintendo switch model would feature enhanced display quality and improved interactivity.

Rumors of a new and enhanced Nintendo Switch model arriving soon started in 201. It was later shot down by the company when it announced that it had no plans of releasing a new model yet. While it did not say it would not release a new console in 2021, all of these details are still unconfirmed. Nintendo has not yet made any comment regarding the reports and the recently spotted FCC filing.