• The Nintendo Switch was released in March 2017
  • In September 2019, the company released the handheld console Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Fans expect that the rumored Nintendo Switch Pro could arrive this year

Nintendo may have inadvertently confirmed the Switch Pro or the successor of its hybrid console Switch in some of its recent comments.

The Japanese gaming giant has answered some questions during the Q&A portion of its recent results call, and insider David Gibson has shared some of its highlights. When one of the investors asked the company about the areas where Research and Development are being spent, Nintendo answered that it is still focused on the software. But, it also mentioned that some of its resources are spent on Nintendo Switch Online and the new hardware.

"We are still midway through Switch cycle, so software plus outsourcing costs are increasing for switch which is the main factor. Also cost per title is increasing and need a certain level of scale."

The company added: "Investing in online as well. Although midway through Switch cycle it is necessary to invest in the next platform, where hardware and software integrated will continue."

Nintendo's massive profits were fuelled by a surge in demand for its Switch consul its popular 'Animal Crossing' game
Nintendo's massive profits were fuelled by a surge in demand for its Switch consul its popular 'Animal Crossing' game AFP / Behrouz MEHRI

To some fans, this is an indirect confirmation of the Switch's successor or, in this case, the Nintendo Switch Pro. Also, Comicbook noticed the way the answers were worded seemingly sounded that the company is referring to a brand new console instead of a model revision. But the site also mentioned that some fans might assume that the statements are more of a reference to the next Switch revision and not the next console because of the rumors making rounds online.

However, this new set of details came through translation, which could mean the essential context and meaning may have been lost in the process. So far, rumors have it that the next Switch console would feature 4K graphics while docked. It could also utilize the Nvidia DLSS, according to earlier claims. Industry watchers and analysts believed that the Japanese gaming giant would release the new gaming console sometime this year.

Surprisingly, despite the series of rumors surrounding the gaming console, Nintendo has not yet confirmed that it is in the works. In the absence of an official confirmation, fans should temper their expectations and take leaks and rumors about the Switch Pro with skepticism.