Fewer than two weeks after Hurricane Dorian left Bahamas reeling, meteorologists have issued warning about a new tropical storm that could strike the tattered islands again.

The National Hurricane centre said that northern Bahamas including Abaco islands, where currently rescue teams are still searching for close to 2500 missing people, will be facing heavy rains and tropical storm conditions by late Friday.

The brewing storm which is currently named as Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine, is about 235 miles southeast off the coast of Great Abaco Islands. Except for Andros Islands, all the remaining islands in northwestern Bahamas have been issued a storm warning.

The designation of "potential tropical cyclone" allows the NHC to issue watch and warnings on disturbances that could develop into a threat of tropical storms or hurricanes. The NHC said that the disturbance could develop into a tropical depression storm within a day or so, and if it happens, the storm will be named Humberto.

The Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine which is producing bouts of thunderstorms and rains as it moves toward the northwestern islands, will veer towards Florida and other islands, that were hit by the category 5 hurricane Dorian, on Saturday. In increase in forward speed is also anticipated as the storm continues its journey northwest.

While no major storm surge is expected, Abaco Islands could witness nearly 4 inches of rainfall in the next five days. By Saturday Florida’s east coast will witness winds clocking above 39-mph. The poorly defined centre of disturbance of the storm has made it even more harder for computer forecast models to predict its actual track.

Though not as severe as Hurricane Dorian, the tropical storm will most likely derail the rescue operations and rehabilitation work that is taking place in Bahamas after the category-5 hurricane pounded the islands destroying buildings and boats less than two weeks ago. The death toll due to hurricane had reached 50.

Though more and more victims of the hurricane continue to come to U.S, a Trump administration official told NBC that temporary protected status will not be granted to people from Bahamas. While people from Bahamas can still come to the U.S if they have the proper travel documents, they will not be granted work permits.