New York Comic Con 2013 NYCC
The official New York Comic Con (NYCC) logo. New York Comic Con

New York Comic Con 2013, or NYCC '13, is coming next weekend, attracting more than 100,000 comic book and pop culture fans along with professionals from all types of media and genres to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center on the West Side of Manhattan.

New York Comic Con runs from Thursday, Oct. 10, through Sunday, Oct. 13, offering a wide variety of guests, panels, exhibitions, screenings and of course vendors. But to have the most enjoyable experience, you should prepare yourself ahead of time with these tips below.

Plan Out Your Weekend Schedule

First-time New York Comic Con attendees can easily be overwhelmed by the enormous crowds and hundreds of booths and events strewn across the Javits Center. Having a plan of what you want to see throughout the weekend will at take at least some of stress out of NYCC '13.

To make planning your day easier, NYCC '13 has provided a mobile app available for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 to pick out your schedule and also set up alerts before the event happens.

For those looking to plan their day at New York Comic Con from their desktop, NYCC '13 also provides a planner on its website to help you get the most out of their weekend.

NYCC '13 also provides an interactive overview map to aid attendees with navigating the venue.

Bring Cash

While some vendors at NYCC '13 are likely to accept credit cards, especially with the spread of mobile credit card processing apps, it’s always smart to keep cash on hand so you’re not left scrambling to the nearest ATM. Most ATMs located at convention center venues tend to have long lines and charge exorbitant transaction fees, so it’s smart to have all you need for that particular day on hand.

Hydrate and Rest

You’ll be walking around the venue for hours, so it’s smart to drink lots of water and to rest every so often between events and panels at NYCC '13. It's also smart to keep a charger on hand for your mobile device so you can avoid not being able to call and locate your companions spread throughout the convention center.

Wear Good Walking Shoes

New York Comic Con 2013 goers will also being doing a lot of walking. Keep in mind that the Javits Center, on 11th Avenue, is a good long walk from major transit hubs such as New York Penn Station and the Port Authority Bus Terminal. The Javits Center itself is also an enormous venue, spanning several city blocks. Wearing proper walking shoes will make it easier to stay on your feet at NYCC '13 longer without having to sit down as often.

NYCC '13 attendees can also use official shuttles that serve certain hotels and transit hubs to make traveling between the NYCC '13 venue and accommodations easier.

Have a Backup Plan

There will be hundreds of thousands of people attending New York Comic Con 2013. The chances are high that you may not get into the panel you want to see. It’s often best to arrive early before a panel to have a better chance of getting into the event. Should you not make it into your event of choice, have an alternate plan so you're not left wandering aimlessly for hours.

Tap In And Tap Out

This year, New York Comic Con 2013 is using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags inside NYCC badges and passes. NYCC calls these new badges NYCC-ID. According to the official NYCC website, this move was done in an effort to curb the buying and selling of counterfeit badges. NYCC '13 attendees will have to tap their badges as they enter and leave the show floor.

Stay At Home

Missed your chance to buy tickets for New York Comic Con 2013? Unfortunately, most tickets are sold out by now. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t watch the events and panels. NYCC '13 will be live streaming panels and events through Twitch, so fans will still be able to attend “in spirit.”

NYCC '13 will be tweeting when events are streaming via the hashtag #NYCCLIVE.