Michael Vick's publicist, Chris Shigas, denied claims that the quarterback has interest to attend New York Fashion Week, saying that his identity was falsely used to request invitations for 2012 collection shows.

On Monday, a report broke out in the New York Post that Vick's publicist was asking around for Fashion Week invites.

While fashion often mixes with other fads, like Anna Wintour's campaign to re-elect President Barack Obama, football is typically in its own ball game. However, the report was believable since Vick's fiancé, Kijafa Frink, designs her own jewelry line, PMKElephant.

However, Shigas said Vick never requested to attend Fashion Week, nor does he even wish to go to the shows, according to TMZ.

Neither he nor Vick has put in requests for invites to the giant citywide fashion events, TMZ reported. Vick doesn't even WANT to go to Fashion Week.

Shigas said that someone had been using his and Vick's name to request invitations from public relations companies, presumably for the person's own benefit, without consent from Vick or Shigas.

If he finds out who's been making the phony phone calls ... they're in for trouble, TMZ reported.

Chris Shigas also said that Michael Vick's plans to marry Frink this summer are up in the air.

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