An image of the urn containing the ashes of Monica Thomas' newborn son. WSFA
monica thomas
Monica Thomas, 19, was robbed of her purse on Friday which contained the ashes of her newborn son. WSFA

A young mother is pleading for the safe return of the cremated remains of her newborn son.

Monica Thomas of Montgomery, Ala., was carrying an urn that contained the ashes of her son, Jamar Simmons Jr., when a man knocked her down and stole her purse Friday night. She was planning on burying the ashes at her mother’s gravesite the following day, which was also her 20th birthday, the Associated Press reports.

“All I want is my baby back,” Thomas told WSFA. “Everything else is irrelevant.”

Thomas had complications with her pregnancy. Her son lived for only two hours after he was born.

Police say the ashes were in a small box that had the child’s name and birth date on the front. Investigators say they want to find the urn even if they can’t find the person who stole the purse, WSFA reports.

“A wallet can be replaced, credit cards can be canceled, cash can be recovered," Sgt. Michael Myrick from the Montgomery Police Department said, adding that this possession is irreplaceable.

Thomas feels the same way. “Put it on the porch or even just call and tell me where it is and I’d be grateful,” she said. “I just want my baby back.”

In May, a Georgia couple suffered a similar loss after a robber ransacked their home and stole the ashes of their son, Caleb Ean Hughey, who was stillborn, the New York Daily News reports.

"We've struggled with infertility for about four or five years now, and we've not been able to have children, other than the one. And he was born prematurely. We lost him at birth." Jody Hughey told "So he is, to us, he is our only son. And it's very important we get him back."